Noise Lab ft. Snoopa – Super Star + Remixes – 420 Records

Noise Lab ft. Snoopa – Super Star + Remixes – 420 Records

420 Records are proud to unveil their latest release, the massive Superstar from EDM duo Noise Lab. The track, which features Snoopa, comes in its original form, alongside remixes from Genetix and the mighty Callide & Intraspekt.

The 420 label has been established in the dubstep world for as long as anyone, and releases from Statelapse, Hoax, Physical, Trampa and Funtcase, amongst others, have meant that their status is confirmed with anyone who matters. The drum & bass, electro and dubstep sounds of Noise Lab are perfectly suited to what 420 are all about, which is high quality music for discerning ears. Superstar is a smashing, crushing ode to Snoopa’s superpowers, as his rhymes flow in and around the beats, synths and uplifiting vibes of Noise Lab’s production. The boys turn on all of their dancefloor power, lifting and swooping around the track. You can imagine this one lighting up not only the clubs but also the summer festivals across the globe.

Genetix takes the original and goes absolutely crazy with it, adding a massive build and drop exchange, absolutely battering you with the sharpest of kicks and the mentalist of basslines. This man knows no boundaries, and takes Superstar forward into the next millennium and beyond. Never one to shy away from anything, Genetix has surpassed even himself. One of the biggest remixes of the year, no mistake.

The mix can only be equalled by the dancefloor destroyers themselves, Callide and Intraspekt. Feel the descending intro take you away, as they ride the rhythm, building things back up before their trademark massive drop comes in. The beats are perfect, the riffs are all in there, adding weight and bounce to proceedings. The original is powerful, but this remix is ten tons of funky d&b slammer. You have been warned.

Superstar is exactly that, and will prove to be 420’s biggest release to date. Two spectacular remixes complete the package, which is absolutely essential.


August 14th, 2014

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