Task Horizon – Organimatronics EP – Evo Chamber

Task Horizon – Organimatronics EP – Evo Chamber

Task Horizon’s Evolution Chamber label has already established itself as an imprint to watch. With quality triumphing over quantity, they have picked out only the very best releases for their own label, and now they return with EVOCEP002, the Organimatronics EP, a collection of tunes which shows off the many and varied shades of the Task Horizon sound.

The EP opens with the sparkling, urgent Weave The Strands, which blends the dark and the light together effectively, showing that the producers aren’t afraid to make it hard and rough. Maddening neuro effects clash and smash around the mix, making the opener strictly for the heads. Toad Licker, which features Spite, drops things down even deeper, punching a hole in the universe with its huge colliding drum set and grimy, gritty bass pressure. Task Horizon can do it all, and can do it all brilliantly.

Robotoddler is the sound of a space army on the march, mixed with a strange, beguiling lullaby. The cascading, coruscating beats collapse right onto you, with the supercharged basslines slapping you right in the face as they hurtle by. Synths create space, and the whole package is one of the most powerful, in your face cuts of the year. But the childlike, dreamlike melody is never far away, proving that inspiration for the EP comes from far and wide.

Task Horizon have a Flame Fetish on the next cut, a booming, tribal affair which brings to mind the mid-90s sound, albeit with a mid-2010s feel to it. The track slides along, coursing its way into your bloodstream, never letting go or letting up. True future music for those that love their d&b in totality. The EP closes with perhaps its biggest track, fittingly entitled Humungous Fungus. The cut grows, blooming and blossoming out like some infectious bacteria, battering you until you submit to its power. Pure vibes, pure battering ram beats, pure power from Task Horizon.

Make sure you are part of EVOCEP002, as the Organimatronics EP has something for everyone.

Task Horizon

Organimatronics EP

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1. Task Horizon – Weave The Strands

2. Task Horizon & Spite- Toad Licker

3. Task Horizon – Robotoddler

4. Task Horizon – Flame Fetish

5. Task Horizon – Humongous Fungus 


August 12th, 2014

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