Sunchase / Sunchase & Detail – Next Rhythm (Engage remix) / The Chips – 22:22


The new release from 22:22 aims to breathe life into another track from the past, and show the new, modern sound of the genre.

This time it’s “revived” tune from Sunchase’s «Next Rhythm» of «Sands Of Time» EP, released back in 2005 by the legendary Moving Shadow. After 9 years Engage made ​​a wonderful remix … and voila – we have one of the most anticipated dancefloor killers

If you’ve ever wondered how drum and bass will sound in the future, the second track of our release will raise the veil . The result of teamwork between Sunchase and Detail called «The Chips» demonstrates advanced techniques and technology, interwoven with cinematic effects.

We have no doubt that this track is your reliable guide to broken beats of tomorrow.

Catalogue number: 2222 005

A: Sunchase - Next Rhythm (Engage remix)
B: Sunchase & Detail - The Chips

Release Date: 27 / 01 / 2014

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