Dabs feat. MC Kwality – Stentah / Dabs feat. HLZ + Need For Mirrors – Half Truth


Dabs feat. MC Kwality

A. Stentah

Since proving a fine collaborative duo in their last Horizons Music release, Dabs and MC Kwality return with a doubly as powerful effort. Stentah is ruthless to say the least, Kwality’s aggressive, yet controlled delivery is complemented by Dab’s huge, kick drum driven groove. Junglistic at its core and massively original.

Dabs feat. HLZ + Need For Mirrors

B. Half Truth

Smooth yet edgy, ethereal yet raw, Half Truth is one of those tunes that combines all the elements. A repeating piano sample delivers a constant harmony whilst the faultless beat cuts a passage through the ambience. A throbbing sub provides a resonant, yet tamed bassline that seamlessly pulses underneath the ample body of sonic elements.

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