Release Date: 21/04/2014

For this latest release, Neutronic Beats take a wide, lateral sweep to incorporate an integral part of Jungle’s development; the classic, hip-hop influenced jump-up style. Showcasing a new signing to the label, this is an exciting foray into a well-loved, bubbling-hot sound which is guaranteed to blow the roof off any Drum & Bass dance party the whole globe over. Studio chameleon, Link has a prolific hoard of releases to his name on labels including Phantom Dub, Liquid Brilliants, Liquid Boppers, Psychotik Beats, RW Digital, Ten Ton Beats & Dub plate Mafia to name just some, as well as being signed to two house labels! It’s this ability to morph and evolve comfortably between sub-genres and genres which gives Link his unique appeal and ensures him successful longevity. Crash is our resident scratch master, a turntable assassin of considerable force and diversity. Crash has been in the game for twelve years and had a previous release on Audio Overload with Link, entitled ‘Mob City’. He’s currently working on a club-friendly format for his live turntablism & controllerism- an exciting development which we watch with baited breath!

- Ill Shit‘ Featuring Crash
An audio maelstrom of shit-hot sampling expertly gelled into a tightly-woven frame which makes it impossible to believe they were ever separate elements before this incarnation. Bruce Lee, The Commadores, Lench Mob and Big L form an intimate gunshot entourage as our Dj’s skillfully increase the pressure. Crisp, compressed hip-hop breaks and frenetic high hats are twisted, filtered & massacred while still giving space for the scratching to breathe and break through. Dark as f*** and twice as sexy, truly a Tour de Force.

Kung Fu
Lighter in vibe, with a warm, funky edge, this one’s a deep, liquid bone-shaker impossible to keep still around. Infectious, pitch bent double bass bassline flows intrinsically alongside the funk guitar and delicious hammond organ stabs, while the lushly filtered break just rolls out. Skin-prickling vocals courtesy of Curtis Mayfield swirl throughout, making this a phenomenon you’d be crazy to miss. Lovely

-Written by M.Smith

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