DJ Manga

DJ Manga

DJ Mangas earliest memory of getting into the scene was late 1994, coming back from secondary school one day and one of his friends mixing Jungle.  His first big rave was One Nation at Bagleys at which he remembers walking through the door and the bass line hitting him in the chest!  After seeing how the DJs were going on and how the ravers where loving it, he knew he wanted to be like that!  DJ Manga’s favourite DJ’s are Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket, Mampi Swift and Randall.  His favourite MC’s are GQ and Dett and his favourite producers are Reality, Moving Fusion, Original Sin and Zen.  His style varies when playing, depending on the ravers or what he is feeling at the time, but he does prefer jump up, like the old “Trouble on Vinyl” tunes back in the day.  He also likes Liquid.  DJ Manga has been in the studio working on jump up tracks for “Cyntax Error Records”.  He has a lot of tracks coming next year so is going to keep pushing himself in the area of production, so keep your eyes peeled for all future releases!!!

Catch DJ Manga every Friday 18:00-20:00 GMT

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