KC – Bring The Funk Back – Big Riddim Recordings

KC – Bring The Funk Back – Big Riddim Recordings

AK1200 and W.P.L.’s Big Riddim Recordings formed back in 2008, after AK had releases on Suburban Base and Moving Shadow. The label has subsequently seen releases from Tech Itch, Muffler, The Clique, Junior Reid, Zardonic, Black Sun Empire, and others, including AK and W.P.L themselves. Now, their neverending quest for the global sustenance of drum and bass music in the future takes in Bring Back The Funk/Work It from KC.

Bring Back The Funk kicks off with an open, futuristic intro, before some fierce drums come your way, making you feel the funk straight away. A lifting bridge builds up to the drop, which brings the bassline into the fray. A marching, militaristic beat makes the temperatures rise, as the sounds build once again, before establishing a headnodding beat and multi-layered main track. KC won’t let you go once you’re involved in this one, and is safe in the knowledge of what works out on the dancefloor. This one will rinse you out, leaving you raw, tired, but ultimately satisfied. A funky, danceable beauty, this one has just the right amount of hardcore vibes about it, whilst remaining resolutely approachable.

Work It brings the flavour, with an electronic intro which dives and weaves between your ears. The track soon fills out into some deeper territory, bouncing and flexing its way into your brain. Pure good-time music, Work It unites bumping bass and drums with humour and infectious bite. You won’t be able to resist the sharp flow which KC has put to work on this one, making for some of the most danceable music we’ve heard so far this year.

Big Riddim have established a reputation for quality, excellently produced music and Bring Back The Funk/Work It will appeal to long time and new listeners alike. Grab a hold of the vibe, and work it.


March 12th, 2014

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