Mob Tactics – The Wasted EP – C4C Recordings

Mob Tactics – The Wasted EP – C4C Recordings

C4C Recordings are back for their next release, the mighty Wasted EP, from Mob Tactics.

With a catalogue of music on some big labels such as Tactical Recordings, Dutty Audio, RUN DNB, and Anodyne Audio, plus support from the likes of Friction, DJ Hype & Audio, to name but a few, Luke and Mark are ready to rampage onto C4C with four huge tunes that will be destroying dancefloors across the world. Wasted is the perfect introduction to another large 12 months for Mob Tactics.

The colossal title track drops in from a great height, built tough with one of the biggest set-ups you are likely to hear all year. The drums build, moving into a powerful, clattering main section, before the duo’s full mastery of their art comes on show. Funky, musical and unflinchingly massive, Wasted is already set to be on many year-end charts as one of the sounds of 2014.

Unbalanced follows up quickly, seeing the two beat scientists dig even deeper into their boxes of tricks, and coming up with another take on their sound. The track is more electro- and tech-inspired, keeping things tight across an array of sounds and effects. The tune will bounce around your brain, and will result in more than a few bruck-outs on the dancefloor. Get ready for Unbalanced, it is simply massive.

With no sign of parole, Lifer is up next. Exhibiting more of a bouncing flow in the intro, the dark side of this one is never far away, coming into fruition after the drop with some mean, moody basslines and clashing beats. Perfectly pulled together, this one is pure murder.

Closer Grinder is different again, with a filmic opening and gritty, grimey delivery. Mob Tactics show that they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, on their strongest release to date.

C4CDIGUK023 continues the amazing music being released by C4C Recordings, always setting the standard for amazing quality techstep and neuro music.


April 13th, 2014

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