Jaydan/Voltage – Delikutt Beats Remixes – Dance Concept Recordings

Jaydan/Voltage – Delikutt Beats Remixes – Dance Concept Recordings

Dance Concept Recordings present two very special remixes of a very special track. Jaydan and Voltage have gone in on the 90s classic, Delikutt Beats. Dance Concept has poured all of their years of experience into recruiting just the right people to transform the track, and are building up their promotion and record label activities to burn things up in 2014.

First up to the plate is the one Jaydan, who converts the classic into a major West Coast-influenced remix, which is already being eagerly supported throughout the d&b top tier. The intro and build up are as deadly as ever, and Jaydan brings the G funk right from the start, with searing gangsta synths in evidence from before the drop. He brings the beats and the pain after the drop, with world-destroying intensity which only comes from Jaydan productions. He leaves nothing out, leaves nothing to chance, and the tune will leave no one on the walls. Total, and all out action, this one is right up there with the jump up classics from throughout drum & bass’s history. Sirens and samples take over your world, and Jaydan and Dance Concept totally take over the tune.

The other remix comes from Voltage, who puts his own personal stamp on the track. Opting to slow things down and ramp things up in the intro, he chops and cuts his way through the opening, before launching the bass early doors. The funk is emphasised, with swarming, squelching low end rumbling around the Snoop Dogg samples. Adding in electro elements into the mix brings the track bang up to date, with plenty of 2014 swimming around the vintage vibes, Voltage absolutely goes to town on his version.

Dance Concept have quite simply done it again, tearing things up with the Delikutt Beats remixes. Jaydan and Voltage are at their best, and this one is essential.


June 23rd, 2014

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