Dieselboy – Unleashed!

Dieselboy’s mix CDs have turned on generation after generation of heads to the sounds of drum and bass. From “Drum and Bass Selection USA” in 1996 to “Substance D” in 2008, each has become a classic for the genre. Recognized for their solid content, clever aesthetics, imaginative concepts, and intense energy, his CDs have set the bar against which other dj’s mix projects are measured. Because he only releases mixes infrequently, these moments are considered a special event.

Dieselboy – Unleashed! by Dieselboy

This is one of those moments.

Dieselboy – Unleashed! is his most layered and nuanced studio mix to date. Returning to his old school mixtape roots where he isn’t limited to what tracks he could use or license, Dieselboy has used the opportunity to take Unleashed! to another level.

56 tracks were used to craft a deep and extensive 73-minute mix that reveals itself only after repeated listens. Steering away from banging out an “of-the-moment” forgettable dancefloor rinseout, Dieselboy throws down a wide variety of current and classic tracks and edits, wrapping up the mix with 25 minutes of finely diced dubstep that showcases his current taste in the genre and forthcoming tracks from his dubstep label, Subhuman. Finally, the project is given a tongue-in-cheek graphic treatment that references the exploitation sci-fi fantasy movie posters of of the 1970s. It looks and sounds hardcore.

Here it is – the mix he considers his best to date…

Get ready to test your speakers.

Break feat Calyx + Teebee – Don’t Look Down

Icicle feat SPMC – Dreadnaught

Phace + Misanthrop – Desert Orgy

Optiv feat Rymetyme – Run It Red (Neonlight Remix)

Pixel Fist – Horrible (Audio Remix)

Terravita – And The Beat Goes On

The Upbeats + Trei – Wear & Tear

The Prototypes – Work It

Noisia – Friendly Intentions

Dose – Squander

Audio – Prototype

Breakage – Fighting Fire feat Jess Mills (Loadstar Remix)

Delta Heavy – Space Time

Xtrah – Amazon

Blokhe4d – The Way Life Used To Be

Dub Foundation – Time to Burn

Eric Prydz – Niton (Metrik Remix)

Dieselboy + Blokhe4d – Get Back

Soul Intent – Be Strong

Culture Shock – The Bypass

Generic + The Fix – Suicide

Sigma – Stronger

Dose – Martyrdom

Gridlok + Prolix feat Fats – Tru Born Playa

Demo – OD (Counterstrike + Gein Remix)

C4C – Stranglehold [clip]

The Upbeats – Big Skeleton (MOJX VIP)

Break – Destiny Comes Ringing

The Upbeats – Untitled

Uman + BTK – Generator

Zardonic + Numbernin6 feat Messinian – End Of Days (Dieselboy VIP)

Zardonic – Nexus Polaris

Jubei + S.P.Y. – Project One

Gein + Counterstrike – Pentagram VIP

Muffler – Heavy (Search + Destroy VIP)

Zardonic + Mumblz – Systems Activated (Pixel Fist Remix)

Liquid Stranger – Robot Rox [clip]

Current Value – Indivisible Force (Cybakotic Remix)

Emalkay – Powertool

Bare – Synthetic

Mark Instinct – 15 Karat (Bare’s 16K VIP) [clip]

Bare – Droid

MOB – Lifted

Bare – Bring It Back [clip]

Liquid Stranger + Sluggo – Human Implant

Liquid Stranger + Sluggo – Stalkers VIP

Bare + Muffler – Bloodsport

Truth – The Emperor

Flecta – Guts Ya

Numbernin6 – Menace

Dieselboy – NVD (Numbernin6 Remix) [clip]

Asking Alexandria – A Single Moment Of Sincerity (Bare Remix)

Pixel Fist – Fire

Excision + Downlink – Reploid [clip]

Downlink – Factory [clip]

Skrillex + Bare Noize – Scatta (Dieselboy VIP feat Armanni + Messinian)



February 7th, 2011

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