Diffrent Music presents Evolution of the Giraffe LP

Diffrent Music presents Evolution of the Giraffe LP

Leonard the pink giraffe. One of the most recognisable characters in the ever expanding scene of abstract and experimental drum and bass music. It symbolises an independent label that is about to celebrate it’s 20th official release, after creating it’s own culture in pushing and nurturing a sound that is distinguishable and distinctively Diffrent.


Evolution of the Giraffe is an odyssey of innovation, a label album that transports you through the past, the present and the future of artists on the label. Fybe:One opens things with a slice of synth heavy, erratic yet melodic music; “The Last Minute” encompasses melancholy in a manner that churns like a forlorn and feeling computer. Space-age futurism is prevalent also in “Horcurso” the work of Jekyll, unravelling pads an orchestra of robotic longing, pushing creative boundaries.


Another inherent narrative is hard-hitting, militant industrialism; “Siren” by Dominic Ridgway pairs this with an uncompromising sub, Shiver “Forfeit” with bursts of hi-hat led energy- resembling the manic firing of an AK-47, whilst the outcome of “Choices” a collaboration between M-Zine, Scepticz and Mtwn, has drum work so foreboding it will march you to battle.


The balance of brutal and delicate varies throughout, Kolectiv’s half-time number “Slow”, through mellow strings and soulful vocals spur a moment of unparalleled euphoria. But it wouldn’t be Diffrent without tunes comprised of the monstrous bass lines we’ve come to associate with the label. Prominent in the work of Arkaik’s “Wax” and in the low end lurker of Dexta & Mauoq’s “Slugger”, bass lines swamp, whilst percussion rattles and punchy drums entrap the listener in music of masterfully crafted brilliance.


The album features two bonus tracks, one by Chills and the other by Arkaik & Coma, both furthering the undeniable genius of an album of varying dynamics. The music pushes genre boundaries, indefinable but a collective of artistic, electronic and ambitious vision, this is unquestionably a must have for the collection.


A note from label manager Chris Dexta: “ This year has been real emotional and real busy. The 20th release has crept up on me so fast, and I had to take a step back for a minute and think over what the best move would be for the label, I’d been working with so many artists over the past 3 plus years, and I wanted to celebrate the past, present and future, bringing back the family spirit that had taken a little holiday as of lately. By brining together a host of the artists involved with Diffrent and constructing this intimate 8 track collaborative album, I feel that together we have achieved a really good 20th release milestone, something to celebrate and remember for years to come.”


The album will be released on CD and Digital Download with a limited edition 4 track pink 12” vinyl sampler.


November 25th, 2013

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