DJ Hertz – Dreamz / Hyper Zoanoid / ‘Dark Guyver’ (Hertz Remix) – NEUTRONIC BEATS

DJ Hertz – Dreamz / Hyper Zoanoid / ‘Dark Guyver’ (Hertz Remix) – NEUTRONIC BEATS

The Neutronic Beats family are excited to bring the second, animated release from the debased Kent prankster, DJ Hertz. Hertz has been slaving away over a hot PC since his well-received debut; ‘Shithead/Audio Whore’ and his success just rolls, gaining momentum and sophistication with each beat of the drum. Consistent quality marks this three track E.P, which includes a debauched Hertz remix of the massive ‘Dark Guyver’ by Label boss DJ Manga. With DJ play From Phantom D and DJ SLB & S.O on Kool London as well as Rowney from G13, to name a few, you’d better get set for the race to the dancefloor!


Feel the rush with this heavy jump-up stomper. Dreamz opens with surreal synth pipes, ‘”There’s more to dream” delayed female vocal sample and stuttered percussive elements before getting down and dirty with bass so harsh you feel like Kenny Everett’s Reg Prescott is sandpapering your brain… With power tools. How Hertz makes these incredible sounds is a secret he’ll take to his grave, but the vibe is hard, filtered noise with a resonant legato edge, complemented perfectly with an adapted stepper’s break, perky high hats and sweeping, pitched FX.

-Hyper Zoanoid

This track sets us on edge from the first with eerie tremolo attack sweeps, cut up agitated male vox and fearful exclamations which build to a horror vibe and plummet into the abyss-like drop. Hyper Zoanoid is dominated by multiple resonant, filtered bass sweeps, stabs and wobbles which amalgamate to form a rebellious, anarchic riot. Much artistry has fired the drum edits which continue to surprise and excite throughout, punctuated with the “Your feeble powers have no effect on me” vocal sample. Naughty, very, VERY naughty!

-Dark Guyver Remix

Manga film score strings explode into the mix as Hertz smashes the original track with a staggeringly sophisticated technical talent. Each individual component has been lovingly groomed to perfection and given the exalted Hertz treatment, from the heavily processed vocals to the infectiously faded FX and crazily edited breaks. I’m particularly loving the filtered laughs which punch through the mix every few bars, awesome! Manipulated noise bass controls the ride as we’re forced to obey the commands of the Guyver. Compulsive.

-Written by M. Smith


November 13th, 2013

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