DJ Manga – Enzyme/Ninja Hotel – NTB011 (Release – 26th March)

DJ Manga – Enzyme/Ninja Hotel – NTB011 (Release – 26th March)

As this new year at Neutronic beats gets into full swing, it’s time to provide you with two tracks that have already been smashing the airwaves and destroying every dance, every time. DJ Manga, the head honcho here at Neutronic Beats, has produced two killer missiles that are once again ready to launch a full scale attack on your ear drums. DJ Manga has been hard at work in the studio ensuring that every track hits hard every time. And these two brain melters are no exception to that rule. So stand up, hands up and get ready for some serious, full throttle jump-up drum and bass that could only be provided by us here, at Neutronic Beats.

The first track in this release is entitled ‘Enzyme’. This track comes straight in with an epic, cinematic intro filled with epic guitar sounds and the classical accents which when combined is certain to send a shiver through your spine. This then builds into the deep pounding drums that hit hard straight to the chest every time. Then, on the drop, this track explodes into a combination of dark, gritty and disgusting basslines designed to disfigure your face and blow holes in your speaker box. With a sub bass just as heavy and drums just as hard this track is another classic DJ Manga steam roller ready to ignite the fire on the dancefloor.

The second track on this massive release is the intriguingly titled ‘Ninja Hotel’. This track again coming in with another of DJ Manga’s epic, cinematic intros with a subtle bass riff placed further back in the mix and crisp, clean percussion teamed with atmospheric sounds to create the affect of a black belt ninja stalking his next victim. Then on the drop, your forced into a wall of foot stomping, gutter bass synths alongside some screeching bouncy sounds that will have you bouncing off the walls and taking off the roof. This funky ground shaker is sure to get the ravers jumping and the system pumping. DJ Manga has done it once again with this absolute unstoppable tune that is coming to a dance near you.

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March 28th, 2012

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