Gamma EXCLUSIVE Nakedbeatz Interview

Gamma EXCLUSIVE Nakedbeatz Interview

I started producing when i was 11. i was sneaking in my brothers room to make beats (he use to hate me for that…) back in Hungary where we started Spinline with Andris and Norbi…

(Gamma is a Hungarian music producer known for his prolific bass heavy sound. He never sticks to one sound and has been having success within the Drum & Bass, Dubstep scene as well producing various other tracks in other Genres. Keep an eye on this guy, because he’s the future of bass music!)

My influences are Kemal (Konflict), Johnny L, Ed Rush & Optical, BCUK, Source Direct, Amit (back in the days) Icicle, Critical music, Dispatch Recordings, Machinedrum, Dj Tennis, Stimming, Tempa, Exit Records, Demand Recordings, Daniel Avery (nowadays) and many more…

I got two tunes on the Australian based Plasma Audio. Its there first release with 2 of my tracks (Chavland and 2012) and a remix from Icicle of Safire Amos (ft Gusto) – 4th State, I had a track on the Dispatch Recordings – Transit 2 Album called “If U Go Away” a tune on Demand Recordings called “2347” also a collab with Hydro on Horizons Music called “Mayday

I have an EP coming on Dispatch Recordings, also have a few tunes on the Swiss based label Demand Recordings, and I have high hopes for 2014…

I’ve got small gig in London in Cafe 1001 on the 11th of April and some Spinline gigs in Hungary, but Gamma is a fresh project so i’m waiting for bookings 🙂 ill keep you guys updated on my Facebook page

Icicle is always playing my new stuff on Rinse FM check his latest shows.

Rockwell, Alix Perez, Kasra, the Ivy Lab guys, Ant TC1, Hydro, DLR are also playing my stuff, check their new mixes!

My name comes from Gamma Rays are coming from the depth of the galaxy, my name is Mark Gulacsi if you pronounce it in english its sounds “Mark Gulaxy”

Thank you Nakedbeatz for the interview


January 27th, 2014

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