Jazzatron – The Lie EP – Lifestyle Recs

Jazzatron – The Lie EP – Lifestyle Recs

2014 is the year of Lifestyle Recordings. The label is staying true to their vibe of bringing forward the most talented, dedicated producers, and is now at the stage where it can push visionary, frighteningly original drum & bass like The Lie EP. Jazzatron are a duo representing the sound of Italy, fitting in perfectly with the ideas and practices of one of the most dynamic and fresh labels out there.

The EP begins with the title track, a haunting, rising tribute to the human spirit. Taking elements of their influences, Jazzatron sculpt something quite unique, matching delicate vocal samples with rinsing, hard-hitting beats and beautiful synths. The track takes you on a trip like nothing else you’ll hear all year, and reminds you of the optimism with which you first fell in love with d&b.

Support for Lifestyle has also grown, and now includes BBC 1XTRA, Optiv & BTK, Zero T, Maztek and more, and it’s easy to see this EP having an impact on radio and on the floors. Breakthrough arrives next, dropping some serious drums over a barren wasteland of a background, summoning all the mighty strengths of the producers. Seriously slamming, this one will wake up anyone sleeping on Lifestyle Recordings. The trio then cook up the awesome Panettiere, whose sliding breaks will take you right back to the old skool, showing that the trio are aware of their history as well as their future. The EP is full of surprises, and we’re sure you’ll want to listen again and again.

Closer Manuto creeps and crawls into life, before shining bright with booming beats over an electronic setting. The sharp engineering and overall sense of musicality smashes through your set, slaying all comers with timing, effort and force. Jazzatron obviously know what they are doing, and set a new agenda all their own for d&b in 2014.
The Lie is a must-buy, and that’s the truth.


May 29th, 2014

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