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‘For All Seasons’, the forthcoming debut LP from production duo Karton is an album that is both defined and challenged by the concept of its own title. In an environment where changing styles and genres have made most music disposable, Karton set out to deliver an album that has a place today as much as it will tomorrow and the next. Designed to represent the collective interests, influences and experiences of Karton, ‘For All Seasons’ is a 15 track outing that is not constrained to the rules and expectations of any one ideology but rather comes as an epic opus encompassing all facets of the Karton ethos expertly produced to the exacting standards we have come to expect from the duo.

Two years in the making, ‘For All Seasons’ showcases fully what has only been hinted at in previous Karton releases. Meticulously crafted and assembled, the album allows the duo to further develop and push the boundaries of the Karton sound. Encompassing melodic synths, haunting strings, chopped guitars, heavy basslines, precision drums and the vocal talents of Manuel Sharrad (Infusion), Nick Craven (Hancock Basement), Jeff Hann (Friendly Yen), and Cris Clucas, Karton have expanded their sonic palate to deliver an album that is as wide in scope as it is ambitious in title.

While it may seem to be a departure from the club oriented bass driven music the duo are known for, the pair see it more as a natural progression, taking full use of the album format to deliver an experience that goes beyod simply being a record for the club or for the home. Built on the idea that each track has the ability to extract a visceral emotional response from the listener, the ‘For All Seasons’ album will have something that people can resonate with, regardless of the season.

These guys have really grown! Supported!’General Midi
‘Karton are def doing some cool stuff’The Freestylers
‘Yeah I love the original, and I love the vocal,excellent’Anne Savage (Dumb Blonde)
‘Yeah love this, sounds massive.’ Plump DJs
‘Huge tunes. I like them all. Nice beats on orig’ KISS FM (Joe Ransom)


  1. Hide From The Light

  2. We Bleed (Feat. Jeff Hann)

  3. All You Need (Feat. Nick Craven)

  4. Play Our Game (Feat. Jeff Hann)

  5. Musical Chairs (Feat. Cris Clucas)

  6. Breathe For Me (Feat. Manuel Sharrad)

  7. And Then There Were Two

  8. The Only One (Feat. Jeff Hann)

  9. Walking Into The Unknown (Feat. Jeff Hann)

  10. Curtain Caller

  11. Phoenix

  12. Better For Worse (Feat. Jeff Hann)

  13. Call To Arms (Feat. Cris Clucas)

  14. You Gotta Kid (Feat. Nick Craven)

  15. Answers Left Unquestioned


July 16th, 2010

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