MJD – Lifespan EP – Lifestyle

MJD – Lifespan EP – Lifestyle

MJD returns to Lifestyle for LFS041, the Lifespan EP. He once again shows off his musical knowledge and awareness, bringing heat and light to the four sensational tracks.

The label has always been a natural fit for MJD, fulfilling the label’s ethos of supporting upcoming talent. Lifestyle tracks are being supported by BBC 1XTRA as well as DJs like Optiv & BTK, Zero T and Maztek, and MJD, alongside artists like Conduct, Catharsis, Kreed, Lockjaw and Jazzatron, are all making sure that the Lifestyle sound continues to build and get stronger. Get ready for the Lifespan EP.

The title cut is a menacing affair, smashing down the walls between this and the next dimension. Taking in elements from science fiction, this slice of the underground is as big as they come, commanding your attention from beginning to end. What a start to proceedings. Tracer takes a different path, laying down the beat and building an entire universe around it. Sharp, slashing samples help fill the void, under which sits the marauding bassline. MJD has put his life and soul into the tracks on the EP, and their strength and power are obvious for all to see and hear. Serious music, for serious music fans.

Vacuity is up next, slinging things right to the head, riffing and ripping away like the world is coming to an end. Shimmering beats move and respond, taking you away from the ordinary and into another place entirely. This one’s warmer, more soulful, whilst still maintaining a massive lethal dose of funk. The otherworldly Cimmerean Dreams acts as the EP’s closer, creeping and crawling its way directly into your bloodstream, directly into your brain.

Lifestyle have once again hit on the perfect formula, one which blends deep musicianship with a love of punishing, awe-inspiring beats. Join them on LFS041, a voyage into the future.


June 23rd, 2014

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