Lockjaw – Idol / Cold In The Middle – Lifestyle

Lockjaw – Idol / Cold In The Middle – Lifestyle

Lifestyle Recordings are at it again, dropping future beats from Lockjaw, one of the most talked about artists on the scene at the moment. He brings the heat on LFS042, Idol/Cold In The Middle.

Lifestyle, as fans old and new will know, are all about music, bringing out and promoting some of the most vital, most important tunes of the last two years. Their ethos has always been to let the production do the talking, and that’s exactly what they are doing on their latest release. Canberra’s Lockjaw takes off from where his last tunes left us, right at the cutting edge of drum & bass.

Idol starts off as dark and deep as you could hope for, with the intro very carefully and slowly building up, like an army on the march. Electronics surround, with subtle synth lines adding to the picture. An incredible cut-up vocal sample slides in, before Lockjaw adds in his signature drums. Warming notes come up from underneath, as the entire track rocks your world from beginning to end. A true work of art, Idol is amongst Lockjaw’s very best tunes to date, and will bring his music to yet more listeners. A very special track from Lockjaw and Lifestyle.

Cold In The Middle is similarly expressive, employing some interesting live-sounding drums and rangy, bubbling samples which veer between future house and classic techstep in style. He then switches things up and drops them down low, injecting the drums and the bass with some out-there effects as well as caressing and disrupting the time signatures. He puts all of his phenomenal skills into the tracks, turning corners and discovering new layers of sound at every opportunity. Get into the vibe of Idol and Cold In The Middle, and let them both seep deep into your veins.

Yet more great music from Lifestyle Recordings, simply one of the best labels out there right now.


August 4th, 2014

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