Manga’s – Guyver EP – Neutronic Beats

Manga’s – Guyver EP – Neutronic Beats

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Artist: Manga
2- TEAM 5

Release Date: 20th August 2012

For all you die hard Manga fans out there you will already know that Manga’s last instalment of the W.O.M series (Guyver Project “Enzyme & Out of Control”) are still punishing the dance floors and upsetting lots of neighbours around the globe.
Ok so here it is… it’s Episode 5 and it is the “Guyver EP”. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the rave, Manga has gone and unleashed this masterpiece of an EP it is quite simply Dirrrty and what’s another word I can use? Oh yeah “Dirrrty and Errrrghh”. I can officially say that Manga needs help and I think he is sick and also has a sick mind. I can imagine that he got locked in his studio for 6 months with only 2 minutes sleep doing this Guyver EP. As this is the only way I can determine how he has accomplished so much and produced Drum kits that can smack you in the face and basslines that make you twitch and jerk like you have turrets. I can also envisage that after six months that Manga has been locked in his studio. Harry Potter turns up with Manga’s studio key’s to take this masterpiece from Manga.

1) Dr Balcus

Ok Imagine that you are the underdog and you are gearing for war, you have been knock down but you are now on your feet, you are in training preparing yourself to win your next battle…or you could if you prefer… pretend that you are Rocky and slip Dr Balcus on to prepare for your next bout are you there? Anyway…in the first instant Manga has the harmonic orchestra cradling and guiding you gently to the battlefield, smoothly followed by an array of hi hats and a death defying drum kit which builds up to a point you feel you are about to do a bungee jump then all of a sudden the sickening Bass synths Manga has crafted will blow anyone’s mind with morphing automated stutter synths accompanied by rich high end tones not to mention the sub bass shattering chest killer and full bodygasm. Just what the Doctor ordered.

2) Team 5

Manga delivers this track with a dark intro to set the mood with cords layered with the correct drum sounds to complete this “Rocky Horror Show” of an intro. Manga is not done with the intro just yet as he’s still got something up his sleeve and his sleeve is might big I tell you, “I’ll rip you apart piece by piece” sampled before the the drop is on cue and you will know by now that some serious sound system punishment is about to happen. The Bass melody to this track is rather simple but more complex than a ps3 graphics card when you add the amount of layers and structure involved, the amount of swing applied is ridiculous! This is differently one to look out for and will be in the front of your CD for a long time to come.

3) Mizuki

As if the first two tracks was not enough, Manga continues this legendary onslaught of an EP as he continues with this well-structured masterpiece, Manga kicks off with a different flavour and theme for “Mizuki” yes it’s got the trade mark intro orchestral sounds but this is aimed more for the dance floor lovers and Bunny Dancers (as Manga calls them :p ) Mizuki is filled with bass synths, drums & cords to get party started please believe and very much like a victory tune if that makes sense! Weather for easy listening or tearing out a new bass hole for your speakers, this delivers on so many levels, All I will say is when you here this being played you’d better find your spot on the dance floor and prepare to shakout!!!….

4) Mega Smasher

As this is the last track on the EP and the end of the Guyver Project, Head Honcho Manga takes no prisoners, maybe except for the intro of course. Once again the new drums kick in and leave a girl totally baffled as to how it all fits together with the bassline, big rolling morphing bass sounds with the heavy drum kit equals eargasm of the highest order as Manga outros with a Mega Smasher.

As this has been a long time in the making we also have another track that will be up for free download from are website just head on over to and click on are free mp3 tab “will be available same day as release”  Many thanks to everyone that has supported us so far Dj’s / Artist’s / Promoters / Friends & Family. We have a lot more coming so keep it Neutronic!


August 1st, 2012

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