Various Artist – Brand New World – Nurtured Beatz

Various Artist – Brand New World – Nurtured Beatz

‘Brand New World’ is the debut LP by a label that’s increasingly standing out as a primary outlet for innovative drum and bass. Having only surfaced early last year, the label has already outputted a string of successful releases, establishing itself as a key player in a corner of the genre that pushes pioneering and progressive music.

Nurtured Beatz nights, kicked off back in 2008, have become an event of underground repute. Showcasing the best of upcoming talent, the events also embody a strong family ethos. This is a philosophy central to all areas of Nurtured Beatz and an element that’s undoubtedly reflected in the album.

‘Brand New World’ is an eclectic body of work that features beats by artists previously associated with the Nurtured family – be that through the events or through the labels back catalogue; Genotype, Incognito, Carera and label owners Kalm and Spindall to name but a few. It’s also an album that represents music by Nurtured Beatz newcomers including Verb and Mystic State. The album is a flawless portrayal not only of the labels significant journey so far, but also of the exciting path ahead.

‘Brand New World’is everything you would expect and more, creatively unorthodox and expertly crafted, it’s a dark journey that’s acutely dynamic soundscapes unfurl with upmost intensity. The tracks may vary in their influences and sound, but they’re unified by a cutting energy, hard-hitting and hypnotising that’s omnipresent throughout.

‘Brand New World’ shouldn’t escape your collection and Nurtured Beatz shouldn’t escape your attention – very big things to come.


April 23rd, 2014

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