Manga – NEUTRONIC BEATS #30  ReAnimation

Manga – NEUTRONIC BEATS #30 ReAnimation


Oh my daze he’s back with a vengeance! Charismatic cyber punk and Neutronic Beats boss, DJ Manga delivers the danger with his fourth album; a storming ten track LP of brilliant new material. With a recent release on Phantom Dub Digital and a welcome return to headlining at the coolest of underground warehouse parties, Swim, 2014 has seen a well deserved boost to Manga’s profileÖ And that success is set to roll as his beats gain momentum. Arm yourselves, D&B headz- this album’s the style of the season and it’s gonna drop like a bomb!

– Chojin
Feel the fear and play it anyway! Terror rules in this manga sample-led twisted tearout. Panicked breathing, damsels in distress, the sound of gore permeates every beat as the man destroys the dance and leaves it bleeding.

– Fukmachi Remix
Controlled energy fuels this awesome re-take on Manga’s well-received ‘Fukamachi’. Bass edits and cunningly syncopated breaks fire the rush as its stuttering madness brings you up to fever pitch and makes you hungry for more.

– Fix Ya Face
Hide that gurning IMMEDIATELY ravers! There’s a strong hardcore influence here with the old skule synths combined with multiple bass styles and infectious rhythms. Those exposed to its sickness are gonna need more than chewing gum to fix them up coz this is a natural buzz you’ll never come down from!

– The Name’s Manga
Heroic orchetsral soundscapes introduce The Man of The Moment; soaring strings, cleverly reversed pizzicato, rousing horns, evocative woodwind and badass beats. Strings continue to punctuate this brilliant FM banger as the bass drops and is manipulated beyond belief.

– Dark Heart
Ominous, dischordant piano and hair-raising allegrissimo strings launch this furiously intense, grimy monster. This is a fast track and evil laughter sets the pace as the unrelenting bass and filtered drum rolls push us flat out. One for the one am crew.

– Fury Remix
Another spooky intro makes the skin on your back crawl. Crafted with tremolo synths, eerie, delayed manga-sampled, villainous vocals and stepping breaks, an instantly recognisable trademark chic stands out immaculately as Manga pushes the high resolution bass sound to seemingly impossible and ever higher limits.

– Cyborg Kurumi
Excitement rules in this stroke of musical genius. The orchestral build-up is timed to perfection and delivers us into the warmest of classic jump up drops. An unrivaled ‘feel good’ vibe makes this a perfect track for any upfront set and is guaranteed to get those boots shaking.

– Shogun’s Monster
Setting the scene for a spectacular adventure, this cleverly swirling resonance works perfectly with Manga’s fired-up bas synths. Acceleration is the theme for a distinctly hardcore buzz as we are overwhelmed by sudden excitement and hedonistic sensuality.

– She Asked Me Remix
Screeching winds, torrential rain, human be-bop and “Excuse me- what’s your destination, stranger?” samples are adeptly morphed and woven together in this anticipation-heightening roller. The stepper’s break works perfectly with the HQ stereo madness. Fantastic.

– Voice In The Wind
The climax is delivered and this is what we’ve all been waiting for- Manga’s trademark Japanese vocal mayhem. The silken tones are perfect accompaniment to the over-compressed breaks, male vocal punches and stammering bassline. At last we are satisfied.

– Written by M.Smith

Artist: DJ Manga
01 – Chojin
02 – Fukamachi Remix
03 – Fix Ya Face
04 – The Names Manga
05 – Dark Heart
06 – Fury Remix
07 – Cyborg Kurumi
08 – Shoguns Monster
09 – She Asked Me Remix
10 – Voice In The Wind
11 – Dark Days (Web Exclusive)
12 – Sun Jian (Free Download) – Click Me
13 – Torture Remix (Free Download) – Click Me
Release Date: Web Exclusive = Out Now. Worldwide: 3rd March


March 2nd, 2014

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