One of a Kind – Optikal Dubs

One of a Kind – Optikal Dubs

Optikal Dubs is a new label, representing both Venezuela and the Canary Islands. Very much with a philosophy of crossing continents and cultures, the label is the brainchild of producer Zound Colector and graphic designer Edicson Nieto.

The release policy is wide ranging and diverse, with jungle, drum & bass, breakbeat, dubstep, dub and Latin Bass being amongst the orders of the day. They now present their new release, One Of A Kind, which features Zound Colector alongside New York’s Blanquito Man and Candice Cannabis. The release is the perfect introduction to summer, and will allow more people to get to know Optikal Dubs and what they are about.

One Of A Kind merges the electronic with the organic, with rushing breaks underpinning some neat melodies and a positive feel. There are flashes of the old skool in the beats, and the invigorating vocals from Blanquito and Candice work brilliantly. Things get heavy part way through as the bass gets turned up, and the whole package is a perfect fit for the clubs, parties and festivals for 2014 and beyond. Optikal Dubs have hit on a wicked, ragga-tinged formula which is going to see their star soar within drum & bass and beyond.

The flip has a more rootsy, contemplative look, as the crew explore the Spiritual Thing. Ska-flavoured horns meet echo, reverb and pure vibes as Blanquito and Candice swap lines and verses proclaiming a simple, natural philosophy. The pace quickly picks up, and the drums and the bass make for a perfect backdrop to the vocals. Providing ample evidence for the relevance of ragamuffin d&b in 2014, the appeal of this release is both immediate and obvious. Optikal Dubs smash things up, big style.

ODD03 is guaranteed to brighten your day, your week and your month. Both One Of A Kind and Spiritual Thing are very special tracks, adding up to an essential release. Grab it now.


May 29th, 2014

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