Pushy – Take It EP – Kiosk (Release & Bio)

Pushy – Take It EP – Kiosk (Release & Bio)

Pushy, real name Christophe Bergeron, defies classification. He is a french electronic music composer, who since 1983 has experimented with his music in theatre, cinema, contemporary dance and of course on the club floor. Considered a stalwart of the French electronic scene his music, which takes influences from environmental sounds, breakbeat and just about any sort of experimental music out there. His unorthodox methods of experimentation and adventure have brought him to a crossroads of the past, present and future. This EP, forthcoming on french imprint Kiosk, takes the listener on a sonic journey through the mind of Pushy.



Track: Take It EP

Artist: Pushy

Label: Kiosk

Release Date: March 2014

Format: Digital & Vinyl


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Arising from industrial music, passing throuth sound designing, Pushy! is a concentrate of all the diversity of the electronic scene.
An artist with a singular universe, between strange environmental sound, interludes rich in experimental ranges and sizzle breakbeat. Not very orthodoxe methods, unclassable and iconoclast, Pushy! likes the urban experimentation, the driest breakbeats, the adventurous spirit and the sticky proverbs, the refe- rences of hip hop and the beachcombers drum’ bass. At the crossroads of experimental and worldwide underground and a contesting soul, he composes innovatory stuff, manufactures a personal and evo- lutionary music, sometimes constructed sometimes disjointed.

Here the past, the present and the future confront each other, variety as matter, the sound of all the com- munities as reference mark. Via the abstract break- beat, the climates and ambiences install a fine balance between urban vibrations and internal passion .

Sound microworlds unceasingly evolving, a sincere, representative and open experimentation on the outside world. Since his beginnings he has always provoked meetings, sought to extract himself from its own constraints by sealing an alliance between free sounds and original film soundtracks, theatre and contemporary dance, fashion shows or visual arts, trajectories enriched by sound installations.

A prolific range where the nuance finds its right of being. Since 1983, Chris aka Pushy! has composed under various aliases (Webs, Ob Ovo or Oxendraft) and has taken part in several formations (Urban Autopsy, La tete a l’envers et ses malentendus, Le cartel del Barrio.) mixing electronics with acoustics. In 1995 his association with Yod has given rise to the Pushy! formation ; Yod then accompanied Chris during 4 years before retiring from the project. Pushy! was the first in France to work on drum & bass, breakbeat and breakcore sonorities during live performances…


March 6th, 2014

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