Terror & Hubris – Horizons / Baktun – Emotif

Terror & Hubris – Horizons / Baktun – Emotif

Next up on Emotif we have a double A-side single from the mysterious Terror & Hubris. Not much is know about this enigmatic producer, only that his ridiculous tunes send the dance info a soulful frenzy each and every. What more do we need to know?!
Lead track ‘Horizons’ opens with a soaring sax line and ambient loveliness over a steppy break. Enter a airy vocal before the drop, with dives deep with furious bass energy whilst keep the vibe cool and spacious.
Baktun‘ begins with a bit more menace.  Metallic pads and dark vocal cut open up the track before the drop,, then the pads morph into a huge heaving bass tone that wavers and pulsates over the sparse drums and percussion. An absolute beast!
‘Horizons’ and ‘13th Baktu‘n will be available on all good online shops from October.


November 20th, 2013

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