BlackMask – Let none Survive EP –  Ten Ton Beats

BlackMask – Let none Survive EP – Ten Ton Beats

In early 2013 Blackmask spawned from hellish depths of the DnB scene to bring High impact, dark energy back into the world of jump up drum and bass. Shrouded in mystery BlackMask have been plotting in their secret lair to slowly but surely rise to prominence by infecting unsuspecting ravers with with their well produced, balanced hypnotic brand of drum and bass, taking the genre to a whole new level.

Right off the bat the mysterious Blackmask caught the attention of big players on the scene, the German Jump up power house DJ Shrust was

very quickly on the scene as well as the legendary DJ Phantasy, and DJ Spice all were intrigued by this new sound emerging from back streets of DnB, and most of all the

question was raised Just who is the BlackMask?, is it one person, or a collective, nobody knows for sure, but the sound this new entity has unleashed is truly mind blowing and has been being lapped up by DnB ravers all over the world, from the USA to the UK and everywhere inbetween BlackMasks unmisakeable evil Basslines has been causing mayhem.

It wasn’t long before TTB’s Rekless was sent a demo with a note saying would you like our sound on your label (note written in blood!!), after initially being a little freaked out by the Blood, Rekless was soon on board and i think its true to say is very excited about this new brand of DnB being delivered to the masses through his label with trademark highly professional production, and with such force ravers can do nothing to stop it apart from uncontrollably skank out.

BlackMask are normally hiding out in their secret lair producing new material, concocting new ways to dominate both ravers and the DnB scene in general be sure to keep it locked to Ten Ton Beats for the next instalment of the mysterious BlackMask.


February 28th, 2014

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