Bite Me – Killer Monkey EP – Ten Ton Beat

Bite Me – Killer Monkey EP – Ten Ton Beat

Brand new signings Bite Me unleashes his debut EP on Ten Ton Beats.

Bite Me started his professional music career in the dub step arena, after making waves under the name ‘Kirkus’, Bite me felt the need for a new challenge, so decided to walk out of one genre and enter into another with the mindset that there was more to making music. Their loss and definitely our gain.

Bite me is a think outside of the box kind of producer which is why he fits in so well at Ten Ton Beats, and also why his need for a challenge was fulfilled when he decided to go toe toe with the dnb genre, it would have been easy for him to take a small side step to one of dubsteps sub genres such as Trap, but no he took the giant leap to all things 175bpm which was the perfect choice for this prolific writer of all things freakishly sick..

Bite Me made his first appearance on Ten Ton Beats way back in back in November 2013 when TTB head honcho Rekless was sent a track called ‘Launch’. Rekless actually extended the Track list on the Bangers Only LP (celebrating 30 releases on Ten Ton Beats) to accommodate this track, that’s how impressed he was, since then this EP has been in the planning undergoing a few different versions until both Rekless and Bite me were happy they had 5 tracks of pure filth, which has definitely been achieved. Bite Me is a name you will be hearing a lot of in the coming months, another example of TTB’s Rewind guaranteed DnB!!!.

The Killer Monkey EP is probably one of TTB’s most road tested releases as both Bite Me and Rekless wanted to make sure that this EP would be the one to turn some heads in the direction of a very accomplished producer.


April 13th, 2014

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