The MC Fats Collective – We Gotcha EP 2

The MC Fats Collective – We Gotcha EP 2

The second EP kicks off with the A Sides remix of the quintessentially soulful Around The World, from Mackadena, also featuring vocals from MC Random. MC Fats is on fine form, as ever, as the track moves you around the planet, from your bedroom to the club and back again. Blasts of horns and strings provide the background, as Random lays down the rhymes and Fats fills in the harmonies. This one simply and perfectly describes the sound of MC Fats, and sums up what the project is all about. Jetsetting.

S.P.Y. delivers his unique sound on his remix of A Sides and Fats’ Moment In Time. Expansive, aware and stunningly evocative, the tune will take you away from whatever blues you might be experiencing. Fats’ vocals fit in like the missing piece of the puzzle, and the drop is so finely engineered, you can’t help but marvel at the production skills on show. A modern classic, this one’ll be reverberating around all of the hottest dancefloors for months to come.

Nothing will quite prepare you for the Command Strange remix of Temperature Rising, which once again sees the dream team of Fats and A Sides team up. Sway your hands to the vocals, but bust a groove to the amazing beats and bass which Command uses. Updating and modernising the original, CS takes it far beyond what you’ve heard before, depositing you somewhere else entirely.

TC and Fats make Eye Contact on the last track, showing off some exhilarating deep and funky house flavours. Reaching back for some old skool injection, this one still sounds bang up to date. The groove is so infectious, summoning up the finest days of the house music movement, with all elements just on fire. Shimmering, reverberating samples are added into the mix, along with enough melody and soul to move all of the crowds, all of the time. You’ll just have to get on the dancefloor with Eye Contact.

This EP is going to be followed by the two albums set for May and June. Reach out, give thanks, and grab your copies of the releases as they drop. As Fats would say, U Understand Me?



April 23rd, 2014

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