The MC Fats Collective – Combination 2 – U Understand Me Music

The MC Fats Collective – Combination 2 – U Understand Me Music

The moment is finally here. After preparation, recording and mastering, U Understand Me Music (the man himself’s own label) are proud to present the MC Fats Collective project.

This is the second of two sixteen-track albums. After so much anticipation, the final result will not disappoint. A huge amount of hard work and dedication has been given by so many, these releases really are going to be amazing.

The project, the scale of which was completely unknown when it was first started, was the result of Fats’ admission to hospital in March 2013, with complications caused by his diabetes. He underwent a number of surgical procedures, which resulted in a final operation to amputate part of one of his legs. This took away his mobility and ability to perform. It was then decided that an album project would be put together as a way of the scene showing their respect and love for the one and only MC Fats. Contributions flooded in from almost every name in the drum & bass scene, and the outcome is displayed across the We Gotcha platform covering new collaborations, some unreleased and revamped projects and also some fresh remixes of classics which Fats has blessed with his vocal talents.

Tracks like Nothing More alongside Lynx and Terry Tiptoe, with its stirring bass and complex drum palette, and Bump, featuring Need For Mirrors and HLZ, which starts low and just keeps on getting deeper and deeper, show that the MC Fats Collective is about getting a whole, entire picture of the scene, and not relying on any one thing, all united around the soulful, affecting voice which Fats is so known for. All of the producers have given their time, their efforts and their love, and have come up with some of their finest work to date.

Producers like Basher, with the amazing Sincerity, with its gliding beats and rugged drops and builds, S.I.N. with the equally beguiling Snuck VIP and Ego Trippin (on the LOAS remix of Stay Together). All united by the vocal delivery of one of the best MCs in the game, all reaching new and unexpected heights on the second LP, which follows up the two EPs released by the project earlier in the year.

The LP closes with contributions from Emtek (on the haunting Invazion), the one and only Calibre (on the broken beats track Busted Beat), and Mackadena on the classic Around The World, featuring MC Random. All go to illustrate the scope, the quality and the pure magic contained on this, as well as all of the releases from the Collective which have come out this year.

Reach out, give thanks, and grab your copies of the releases as they drop. As Fats would say, U Understand Me?


June 23rd, 2014

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