Various Artist – Gates Of Dawn – Authentic Music

Various Artist – Gates Of Dawn – Authentic Music

Authentic Music, hailing from the Czech Republic, has set out to become the premiere name in forward thinking, future-leaning drum & bass. With passion, ideas and focus, the label’s music has already been supported by Octane & DLR, Sunchase, Optiv & BTK, Quadrant, Mefjus, Amoss, Mortem, Hybris, Komatic, Stealth,and many more.

Now, they turn to their debut compilation album, Gates Of Dawn, which is dropping this February. The album, featuring contributions from Hybris, ArpXP, M-zine and more, is set to redefine how you look at the label, and sheds more light on the sounds of the future.

Kicking off with some funky, involved flavours from ArpXP on Five Black Forms, you know that Authentic are onto something with this album straight away. Get immersed in the vibes, and you will not be disappointed.  Contributions from Distant Future (Changes) and Ower (Supermurgitroid) follow, showing off the range of styles and delivery which the album contains, before Hybris gets on the remix of the aforementioned ArpXP track.  Gates Of Dawn opens up to reveal liquid, deep, minimal and club vibes, but also a hell of a lot more. It reveals a worldview, a philosophy and a way of thinking about music, how it is written, produced and presented.

Look no further than on tracks like Bone’s Empty Place, a shimmering, ethereal piece which transports the listening instantly away from the world as we know it, and into a bright future. This description could easily be applied to the album as a whole, opening out into places you’d least expect, whilst always keeping an eye on delivering a coherent collection which delivers what the crowds will want.
M-Zine, Scepticz and Mtwn throw in some old skool touches to their rolling Offworld, and Survey capture the essence of Gates Of Dawn perfectly on the sci-fi-esque Deflection.

With 13 amazing tracks, all really offering something different, Gates Of Dawn will be at the top of many DJ charts in the weeks to come. Get ahead of the competition, get ahead of the game, and open the Gates Of Dawn now.




February 18th, 2014

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