Verb – Lockdown/Brutal – Neutronic Beats

Verb – Lockdown/Brutal – Neutronic Beats

For 20 years the Drum & Bass scene has been dominated by the relentless strike of Renegade Hardware veteran, DJ Verb. With an abundance of high-profile releases on labels such as Chronic, Sound Artillery and Climate Recordings, DJ Verb’s sound is an intrinsic and vital part of this innovative scene. Long time Kool FM confederate and resident, DJ Verb is perfectly connected where it counts most. With recent DJ support from the unstoppable DJ Friction on Radio 1 and club play from Gremlins and DJ Manifest, Verb is in pole position for another slamming release, hence this latest alliance with DJ Manga of ‘Visionaries’ fame. His trademark hard core style is never better exemplified here, with two high calibre tracks, adding a fresh twist of chaos, direct from the source.

1/ Lockdown

There’s a voracious, cadaverous hunger creeping through this track, reminiscent of early Reinforced Records or Metalheadz releases; a hard core groove fit to rock any dance floor and leave the masses begging for more. Infectious bongo rhythms compete with a mash up of classic breaks (Roni’s ‘Music Box’ break is instantly recognisable), Detroit techno synth stabs blend seamlessly with sculpted glass pads to create spectral shivers. The rumbling sub is more assaulted than punctuated by distorted bass sounds- how can something so bad feel so good? Heads down, people… heads down and groove on.

2/ Brutal
‘Brutal’ is much more what we have come to expect from Verb’s Renegade Hardware pedigree the fact that Dj Friction cut this to Dubplate should be all you need to know; we’re instantly bludgeoned mercilessly with intricately flanged breaks. This is percussive pestilence at its finest; a contagion of relentless noise and doctored Reece baseline, a fantastic blend of hellfire and uplifting sound waves. With support from DJ Friction, Gremlins and DJ Manifest, the scene is already feeling the force of this one.

Release Date: 8th April 2013


April 3rd, 2013

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